We are dedicated to the development and manufacturing of nicotine-free tobacco products using tea leaves sourced from Kagoshima Prefecture as a substitute for tobacco leaves. Our products, in comparison to traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco, are designed with a focus on health and environmental considerations.

President`s Message

Akimasa Fukai
Speedy realization of a wide range of latent needs through an one-stop system for sheer manufacturing.

Future Technology develops and manufactures completely new nicotine-free products that do not hold any tobacco leaves.
Consumption of traditional cigarettes and second-hand smoke products are having negative impacts on individuals’ physical health, public, the social environment, and economy in a long term. Promoting a harmless alternative is more desirable not simply for protecting smokers’ own health but for making the society safer for the future.
Although smoke-free nicotine-containing accesses are available on the market, they are still not risk-free. In response to this, our company uses its many manufacturing bases in Japan and overseas to develop venues, manufacture and sell, and achieving 100% nicotine-free products management system by using best quality of palatable tea leaves, then supply the final products quickly and at reasonable prices. We will continue to build the physical health of the public, which includes the nicotine-free by spending our huge amount of time and efforts.