By envisioning the future and embracing innovation, we are at the forefront of meeting market demands with our nicotine-free products. We develop and manufacture items that align with the changing times, contributing to the creation of a wholesome and healthy society by providing refreshing options tailored to the evolving needs of the era.

Corporate Philosophy

Through innovative engineering, with our sights set on the future, we strive to create opportunities for discovery and growth.

  1. Regarding Our Business

    We contribute to the advancement of a nicotine-free and healthy society through the development and manufacturing of nicotine-free products and related electronic devices and accessories.
  2. On Innovation

    By fostering talent from diverse backgrounds across nations and regions, we enable individuals to harness their collective wisdom, experiences, and skills to generate innovations responsive to the changing times.
  3. Addressing Growth

    We strive for sustained growth through initiative-taking product development that anticipates market needs, leading to business expansion and the creation of new market segments. Moreover, we aim to enhance profitability and corporate value to contribute to societal and industrial development.