The Third | A nicotine-free stick that replaces tobacco leaves with tea leaves sourced from Kagoshima Prefecture. With zero nicotine, it`s an environmentally friendly product that considers both your health and the well-being of those around you. It also offers an exceptional smoking experience.

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Bright Blueberry
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What's IZUMI?

First in Japan! Compatible with induction heating devices

Non-nicotine sticks
THIRD is a series of physical, health-conscious, and non-nicotine sticks. The line-up products characterize the “third cigarette” with a prominent level of satisfaction and rejuvenations that any tobacco leaves cannot achieve. The newly released IZUMI products have redesigned their ingredients, flavors, manufacturing methodologies, availabilities, and packaging designs. Please enjoy primal nicotine-free cigarette products primal to the Japanese market.
※The first domestically available non-nicotine stick for use with the latest induction heating technology device (according to Future Technology’s 2022 (Dec.) research)
The Third IZUMI
The 3 points

A boost capsule is installed.

When the capsule in the filter section is crushed, the flavored oil overflows from within, increasing the feel of the smoke and changing the flavor.


Selected tea leaves from Kagoshima Prefecture

We carefully blended Kagoshima-produced tea leaves instead of tobacco leaves. One can enjoy a prominent quality of smoking experience with zero-nicotine cigarettes.


Compatible with IQOS ILUMA

Owing to the latest leading technologies, smoking is still available in the latest induction-heated tools with no heating blade functions to IQOS ILUMA.


The Third IZUMI
Usage instructions

Inset a cigarette stick.

When the holder vibrated and the light began to flush,

the heating process started.

When the holder vibrates and the light is turned on,

it signifies the availability of smoking.

Remove the used stick and dispose

of it according to the local authority's waste sorting rules.